Have you know about the treatment for Burnt hair by using home products

Have you know about the treatment for Burnt hair by using home products

When the outer layer cuticle gets damaged by heat, it gets exposed and damages the hair to become brittle and breaks off in nature. You might not know the reasons for hair burnt, it can be caused by using the appliances of irons, driers, dry towel, and flatirons on the hair on wet condition.

By using the above pieces of appliances, a hair will be lost its moisturizer agent to compensate and the appliances will cause hair to become frizzy in nature. Reduce the temperature of heat on those appliances and use, it might control the causes. Here the tips and treatment method to deal with burnt hair as follows.

Burnt Hair remedies

There are some remedies are there to treat for burnt hair, by using natural products the burnt hair grow back and gets heal faster. Consult the best dermatologist to treat your problem according to your skin type and use prescription treatment for your hair.

Reintroducing moisture is the best remedy to fix burnt hair from fire, Deep conditioning, oil massage, using sulfate free shampoo for hair will help to regenerate the moisture on hair. Here a few methods to introduce moisture to hair are pointed below.

treatment for Burnt hair

Leave – in – Conditioner

This treatment is to deal with the hair caught on fire and great lengths on breakages; Leave-in-treatment helps to provide Hydration for day-long by using natural Ingredients to lock damages on hair.

Lightweight Natural Oils

By applying the mixture of Small quantity in Argan oil, Marula, jojoba oil help to overcome the damages and it tends to restore the natural health and softness in hair.

What are all the items to be used for Burnt hair from Kitchen materials?

Treating the damaged hair by using natural homemade items is the easiest and simplest way to cooperate with damages, dry locks, and unhealthy hair. The Natural products are listed below

used for Burnt hair from Kitchen materials

Remedy 1: Using Avocado

A fruit avocado is used commonly for most of the people to treat the burnt hair problems and other hair problems. Avocado is rich in vitamins, fatty acids, minerals it helps in the treatment of fixing burned hair.

Remedy 2: Dip with Tea

Dip the hair after your usage of shampoo in Instant tea which is in the state of a quart of warm that works on hair to attain shine and enrich color.

Remedy 3: Use Botanical Oils

Botanical oils of olive oil, jojoba, and Sweet almond oils are available in the market with an extensive range to treat your damaged hair.  Else use coconut oil to massage and covered thoroughly on hair.

Remedy 4: Warp wet hair by cotton cloth

Wrap up your by using a cotton towel after you get the hair wet, Instead of rubbing hair allow the cotton towel to absorb the moisture. The cotton cloth will absorb the moisture for a few minutes and it helps the hair to retain moisture and avoid split ends. Don’t pull your hair too hard on the back side to wrap and comb on wet condition.