Have you know about the simplest method to remove dip powder from nails

Have you know about the simplest method to remove dip powder from nails

Powder nails are popularly used by ladies, it gives a shinning and attractive look on nails, and it is also a quick, easy process to apply on nails. You might see on parlors, many women prefer to apply this on nails from the popular choice of colors.

You might not find time to go parlor and remove the powder dip nails, it might need to take some time on parlor. Nevertheless removing the powder nails at home can be done in a quick and easiest method.

Here the tips to taking off dip powder nails in the home are pointed below.

What are the methods to choose to have healthy powder nail removal?

You should be aware of the products to be used to apply powder nails and products and procedure to removing dipped nails from the steps of procedure. There are some simplest methods as Using Aluminum foil and Soaking in acetone are used to remove powder nail in the home by using some essential products.

Things to have for removal Process

  • Acetone
  • sanding stick
  • File, Buffer
  • Required amount of Cotton Balls
  • Aluminum Foils
  • Few Cotton Cloth
  • 1 or 2 Bowls with or without hot water
  • Cotton
  • Paper towels

There are two types of methods are used to remove powder nails, the procedure is given as follows.

Method A

Step 1: Initially, rub your nails by sanding stick then file it to remove the top layer on nails without scratching.

Step 2: keep 1 bowl of warm or hot water depends on your need, clean your nails at the same time by using both hands.

Step 3: dipping the nails in hot water for 15-20 minutes will get dip nails off powder, and it will soften the outer layer

Step 4: Have another bowl with the small paper cloth, dip the smaller size paper cloth on acetone. Soak your nails on the dipped cloth, be sure the cloth should have the essential plenty of acetone to remove powder nail.

Step 5: let them get dip well for 20 minutes and remove the paper cloth and remove the powder nail by gently rub-off the acetone on nails.

Step 6: Use Buffer to remove the spots of base coats on your nail

remove dip powder from nails


Method B

Step 1: use the sanding stick or buffer on nails to remove the upper layer on nails. Produce gentle stroke on a stick or buffer on the nails to avoid damages.

Step 2: After buffering/filing and sanding clean your nails by using cotton balls, gently rub on nails and make sure the debris

Step 3: pour acetone on a bowl and dip some cotton swabs with acetone. Then make sure about the nails to dripping with acetone

Step 4: Cover the fingers separately by using appropriate pieces of aluminum foil and before that place dipped cotton balls on nails/the tip of the finger.

Step 5: Let them remain for 10 minutes and gently remove the foil cover from each finger, then rub the nails with buffer to remove remaining powder nails.

Step 6: end up your removal step on nails with gentle strokes by buffer, not to scrape too hard from filer or sanding stick on nails.